We have below the list of the most important NPCs within our server. They are available in our main city.

Agent Multifuncional

Our Agent has different functions: Warper, Job Change, Reset Stats/Skills, Skill platinum, Rental, Stylist and Broadcaster.

Hunt Missions

Hunting Mission

Our mission hunting system will reward you in experience, zeny and mission points that you can spend for different prizes within our sales system incorporated into the npc.

the day

the Day

It's our special event where you can hunt specific mob, dungeon and race. These provide a balanced way for everyone to level up and get Lycan Coins.

Random Guy

Random Bonus Option

Our random bonus option system created and thought to give life to the old team and give it a second chance.
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Poring Machine

A Slot Coin system, works with Poring coin that you can get in events and hunting mvp to buy consumables, costumes and cash point in our dedicated store. Be careful, this machine can be deadly! (minimum 3 poring coins to use it)

Lycan Coins shop

Lycan Coin Shop

In our NPC shop you will find consumables and customs that you can buy with your Lycan Coins.

Black Market

Meta Shop

Items that will only be available through USD COIN.

Universal Tool Dealer

We have a universal tool dealer, with basic items to facilitate gameplay.