Lycan RO

Lycan RO: A Pre Renewal private server, that seeks to revive the homesickness of this emblematic MMORPG, strengthening the old mechanics and adopting new ones that mix to create a fascinating end game.


Rates: 50x/50x/50x
Rates Floating: 80x/80x/50x (Random day)
MAX LEVEL: 99/70 (Rebirth)
Drop General: 50x
Drop Treasure: 50x
Rates Quest: 40x (Quest Repetibles)
Drop Boss: 40x
Drop Normal Cards: 0.50% 
Drop Boss/MvP Cards: 0.01%
Item-Card Drop (EJ: Myst Case Card): 50x


Episodio: 13.2 – Encounter with the unknown + Brasilis + Dragon Set
Random Option Bonus: more details in down page.
Real Money Trade (RMT): more details in down page.
BattleGorund Vykimo: Battleground Vykimo 16.8 with Ranking BG/WOE included.

Max ASPD: 190
MultiLevel: Actived (Max 5 LVL)
Share Party: 30 Levels.
Max. Party Member: 20.
Guild Limit: 30 players per castle.
Castle rotation per two months.
max alliance: 1 
Repetible quests: Items and hounts avaliable.
Host location: USA.********
Accounts per PC: 3
Security: GepardShield V3 Full Addons + HardsDelays******

Profession systems: Fisherman, Miner.


Some points within the game, to improve your stay.

Gospel Effect: This effect will be remove if the user logout.

Max Reflect damage: This will reflect only a max damage equals to user’s max HP.

Merchant with AutoTrade: unlimited. 

Enchant Armor: not compatible with our Random bonus option. 

The SP recovery is standard.

You don’t receive EXP and loot if you are AFK.

You can’t use the Mail Rodex inside the WOE Castles. (Pending….)

You can’t enter to the WOE castles with costume items.


The USD coin system or dollar currency, on our server is only obtainable in 2 ways: Drops and Donation. with which users can make money trades between them. As well as withdrawing them via paypal with the intervention of the Staff. Who performs the monetary transaction. (withdrawal of the usd coin in game and load dollars to whomever corresponds).

Our Random Option Bonus system is designed to balance and bring back to life the equipment forgotten in the storages.


  • Healer
  • Universal Agent Job Master – Platinum Skill – Rent NPC – Warper
  • MOTD (Monster Of The Day)
  • ROTD (Race Of The Day)
  • DOTD (Dungeon Of The Day)
  • Hunt Missions
  • ResetNPC: first time is free and second time is pay (Lycan coins). Next you can use the neutralizer avaliable in cash shop.
  • Ramdon Bonus Option “Costume”
  • Coin Shop”Costume”
  • And mush more… 
Profession Systems

Currently, we have various professions, which make a game more dynamic, and with greater possibilities for our users, for example:

  • Miner
  • Fisherman

In our server, exists a native coin that you can obtain, with drop events (MOTD, DOTD, ROTD), automatic special events, killing MVPs, etc. and you can use this coins to buy some consumibles, costumes, etc.

Click the NPC button to see more details.. 

We help you improve every day when you login in our server. Enjoy! 


war of emperium


WOE 2.0 - woe 1.0 - aNCIENT woe

Our server have three types WOEs, with posibility drop USD Coins by Lycan Treasures.


Automatic and special events


Special events

Our server have much special and unique events, for example, roulette game, miner camp, guitar hero, poring race, maze, etc.

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