Lycan - RO


Here you will find basic guides, related to the mechanics of the NPCs server, items, Mobs and Quests of Lycan RO

Multifunctional Agent

The multifunctional agent system unites several NPC, it provides the user with everything he needs in the same NPC: Warper, Job Master, Reset stat/skill, Skill Platinium, Stylist, Rental Cart/Mount and Broadcaster.

Lycan RO has a warp with access to all towns and dungeons (with all levels).

Points to consider

Once the entrance to a city or dungeon is unlocked, the costs in Zenys for the warper will be different depending on the destination and/or level.

expansion voucher

To make an item inventory expansion voucher, you must open your inventory window and click on the place shown in the image.

Follow the instructions as shown in the image, once accepted, it will show you the following message.

Points to consider

In these inventory expansions, the multiples are 10 and the maximum is 200.

Special pet

Pets in Lycan-RO

We have a special system of Pets, costumes like the Pre-renewal classics and renewal adaptations so that they are compatible with the Pre-Renewal mechanics.

Lycan RO has Pets Pokemon, which you can evolve and train as you want.